Dog Philosophy

Calm-assertive energy

– This is the energy you project to show your dog you are the calm and assertive pack leader. Note: assertive does not mean angry or aggressive. Calm-assertive means always compassionate, but quietly in control.  

Calm-submissive energy 

– In nature, this is the appropriate energy for a “follower” in a dog pack, and thus the ideal energy for a dog to project when living in a household with humans. Signs of calm-submissive energy include a relaxed posture, ears held back, and a nearly instinctual response to the “pack leader’s” commands.  

Exercise, Setting Boundaries and giving affectionDog Philosophy

– These are the three ingredients for creating a happy, balanced dog. Most dog walkers give only affection or often aggressive discipline, or don’t provide these three necessities in the correct order.


– walking a dog at least one hour every day.

Setting Boundaries 

– giving a dog rules, boundaries, and limitations in a nonabusive manner.


– a reward we give to our dogs and to ourselves.
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