Dog Walking

Dog Walking Dog walking is a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog’s residence and then returning. This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.

Dog Training

Dog Training

Puppy Training

Puppy-training programme that we offer. We will personally take your pooch into our home and ensure that all the basic puppy-training problems (including puppy toilet training) are solved so you can begin your relationship with your puppy in a positive and happy environment. With our two-week plan, we are able to ensure your pooch is house trained, can walk and play off the lead, is re-call perfect and also can answer and carry out basic commands. This programme gives your puppy the best start in life, as it will avoid any long-term training problems and ensure your pooch will behave correctly around other dogs and people. It will give your puppy the best opportunity to become the perfect pooch!

Individual Training Session

We are able to offer your pooch dog training sessions, which are catered to your pooch’s specific problem. Our dog training sessions have tackled everything from aggressive behaviour to re-call problems. We always believe in rehabilitation for a pooch and that all problems will have a solution with the right training plan along with care and attention from the trainer. We will be able to give you a finite time in which your dogs training will be complete and also offer after care, as we believe in working with the client towards ensuring that bad habits do not re-occur.

Emergency BootCamp

We run emergency boot camp for out of control alongside weekly training sessions for those that need to brush up on particular training skills. Having worked with a large number of rescue dogs we believe that no canine problem is too big to rectify. Emergency boot camp will be carried out in a trainer’s home, removing your dog from their current environment. We will work with your pooch until we are certain that the particular training problem is no longer an issue

Dog Boarding / Day Care

Dog Boarding / Day CarePooch Dog Walking offers dog sitting and dog boarding services. We believe that kennels are too harsh an environment for your dog to stay in whilst you are on your holidays. Instead we believe in offering your pooch a vacation too! Taking your pooch into our homes, we will ensure that they have the entire one to one care and attention that they are used to. Our clients never worry when they have to go away as they always return to a happy pooch and are safe in the knowledge that they are in a loving environment, with a professional dog handler. At Pooch we have had dogs stay from one week to three months and have regular weekend visitors! Dog day care a member of staff is always with the dogs encouraging safe and exciting play. All dogs will need to be fully up to date with the relevant vaccinations before enrolling in day care, so you can rest assure your dog will be in a healthy safe environment. We also have comfy areas for dogs who like to relax. We accept big and small dogs however all dogs must pass an aggression to test before being accepted. The unit will be open from 8.00am -5.00pm Monday – Friday. (We offer either full or half days) We can also provide a taxi service from £2 each way (for a 3 mile radius then 50per mile after), so perfect if you start work before 8.00am or finish after 6.00pm we will deliver your pooch back home so when you return from work you can relax and enjoy your dog.
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